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Terrorist attacks planned this week WILL NOT HAPPEN; NESARA ends tyranny

Dear NESARA Supporters,

Some people from the highest levels are warning of a horrific terrorist attic that the dark cabal is planning this week.  THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN.  Regardless of what is being planned, it will be stopped.  On either 11/09/2010 or 11/11/2010 there are terrorists attacks planned, one of which includes a prepositioned nuclear bomb on the San Andreas fault line.  The explosion is to be followed by a shut off of all ports connected to Asia and martial law to be implemented according to a Senior CIA source.

Let it be known that the protection of this planet and its inhabitants, have not stopped.  All too often, terrorist attacks are either being stopped, or subject to a watering down of sorts.  Whether it’s our own White Knights, the military, or our friends upstairs, THIS time, is different.  This is not the first time this planet has had to endure the negative effects of the dark cabal.  They have been around for far too long and if you are following the news that doesn’t make the news, you’ll know their time is up and they are running scared.  This is why they are continuing to terrorize the ‘unwashed masses’ a term they do not use lovingly.

NESARA will stop this tyranny, and remove all Illuminati, starting with this government, permanently.  Balance WILL be restored, respected, and maintained and there WILL be peace.  NESARA Yes!

NESARA Task Force

2:39 pm pst

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