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NESARA Remains Humanities Buoy In These Turbulent Times

There has been great success at moving the necessary tasks forward in support of NESARA and its implementation.  We are extremely grateful to those of you who took the time to reach out and make the connections.  We have had a great response. For all interested parties in finding out the Key to NESARA go here: ( ). 

Acquiring the necessary funds for the NESARA announcement and implementation has been an arduous task given the disastrous economic imbalance of the United State of America and the fact the dark cabal is watching every move.  It didnít stop us before and they wonít stop us now, because humanity is on the brink of a metamorphosis and they know it. 

As of now the European Illuminati and the Illuminati in the US, run by Bush Sr., are not happy with each other at all.  This is causing an upset in the bigger plan and they now have to readjust their actions and propaganda.  Ere go, we know now, US Marshalís across the United States are being systematically commanded to surrender their firearms, foreign armies are being trained and housed on American soil, and political activists are having their homes raided and forced to appear before a grand jury in a reuse.  The dark cabal is losing control and trying to throw their weight around to keep the appearance of the proverbial upper hand.  Their plan to implement Martial Law is a dream they threaten us with through propaganda. They are nothing more than bullies continuing to upset peopleís lives and quite frankly, they are more afraid of us than the other way around.  They have good reason to be afraid of us too.  

If you have ever heard of, than you know we are loaded with decent, upstanding patriots bent on upholding the Constitution of the United States as their oath specifically states.  Yes these are military people, retired and active, taking a stand against the tyranny and lies this treasonous government has been handing down for decades.  There is also a secret society of assassins whose sole purpose is taking down the illuminati.   Just as important, there are tried and true journalists risking and losing their lives to get us the facts.  Stand proud and with truth on your side Americans, take your rightful place as a responsible citizen of the United States of America and DO NOT STAND DOWN to tyranny.  If the FBI shows up at your house, you tell them respectfully to talk to your lawyer and shut the door, do not let them in!  Then call a Civil Rights Attorney immediately.

One thing for sure though, the dark cabal knows their time is at an end.  The question that remains is, how long before this part of the human experience evolves into one collective and undivided human race of earth?  More people are waking up to the insanity in America, consciousness is rising exponentially and the need for peace cannot afford inaction.  The greatest weapon we comprise couldnít be easier to use.  Neither the mightiest sword nor the nastiest deed can slay it.  We collectively all have it, and when put to use WE MOVE MOUNTAINS.  It is called Unity.  When every decent human stands together against tyranny, indecency, inhumane and downright disgusting behavior becoming to a human being, we can stop it - together. Remembering that it was only 4% of the population that supported, help create, and implement the Constitution of the United States itís safe to say we have the power to do this right now!  NESARA Now Won!

NESARA Task Force

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